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Permanent and  a New Way of Life!
Governor Brown has modified regulations that replaced existing state-imposed conservation standards with locally-driven, supply-based assessments.  This new method of conservation was effective June 1, 2016, and will continue through January 2017.  The State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) continues to require Orchard Dale Water District (Orchard Dale) to comply with strict monthly reporting on our community water habits, conservation results, and violations.
Despite having conditions that favor a less-severe drought situation throughout California, on May 18, 2016, the SWRCB adopted an emergency water conservation regulation that replaced their prior mandate.
Orchard Dale has since created a comprehensive water conservation program within its 2015 Urban Water Management Plan that is tailored to our community and local water supplies.  Presently, Orchard Dale's water surplus ensures a three-year supply of potable water moving forward.
It is evident through the collective efforts of the entire community, Board Members, and Staff that we have successfully met all prior conservation demands and challenges placed upon us.  Orchard Dale has consistently maintained a respected 15 % water savings and continues to exemplify water conservation efforts.
We ask for your continued support and persistent conservation efforts as outstanding citizens and customers of Orchard Dale.  As a community, let's work together to keep our conservation efforts successful and commit to current and upcoming water demands.
Thank you!
 Edward A.  Castaneda
General Manager
Orchard Dale Water District 

Orchard Dale Water District is honored to partner with the Water Replenishment District, Suburban Water Systems, and with Supervisor Don Knabe's Office of Los Angeles County to support this large Water Conservation Demonstration Garden.  The sign honors those organizations and individuals that were directly influential in the success of the water conservation garden.  The Liberty Community Plaza is located on the corner of Valley View and Telegraph Road in the unincorporated area of South Whittier.  The Board of Directors of Orchard Dale Water District have taken this opportunity to give back to its community by showing an ongoing interest in the care of the Veteran's Freedom Garden, and the preservation of the conservation garden throughout the property.  The eloquent facility and grounds are managed by the dedicated staff of Helpline Youth Counseling.  Our customers, families, veterans, and children now have a wonderful campus to enjoy.  We hope this exciting onsite water conservation feature offers our customers ideas on design, plants, and hardscape opportunities for our community, ENJOY!
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