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Asking For Your Patience

The State Water Resources Control Board is proposing a 270 day extension of the State’s Emergency Conservation Regulation subject to draft adjustments. Regulations may extend to at least April of this year and then re-evaluated once again. Main reason, severe groundwater depletion levels throughout the state and hydrologic water conditions still are uncertain. The unknown is met by a prudent and sound mindset until the winter season passes. At which point water and snow level content in the snow, coupled with reservoir levels will be strategically evaluated moving forward.

We have heard much on the recent snow and rain storms that have had positive impacts on our drought and place us on the right tract. The California Department of Water Resources even measured 28.1 inches of water content in Sierra Nevada snow and 153 percent of historical average. 101 additional sites compiled snowpack levels at approximately 173 percent of the states average. January alone marked the fourth wettest January on record.


National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration meteorologist Tom Di Liberto says California is riding a wave of “weather whiplash” after several years of bitter drought but that it’s not out of the “redwoods.” Despite the stunning recent amount of recent rain, California’s groundwater levels remain depleted due to over-pumping during the drought.

“Even if we get a ton of precipitation this year, you really have to replenish that groundwater over several years,” Di Liberto said in a phone interview. “Don’t go outside and turn on the faucet and let it drain forever.”

“In the last 10 water years, eight have been dry, one wet, one average,” state climatologist Mike Anderson said in a statement. “Hopefully this year will end up being wet, but we cannot say whether it will be one wet year in another string of dry ones.”

We realize a lot of great numbers, incredible snow, and more on the way. For these reasons the water communities throughout California are pressing the state to ease up on its drought laws and regulations. February 8, the California State Water Resources Control Board is scheduled to vote and likely extend Governor Brown’s emergency drought order for another nine months which ends in October 2017.

Drought practices will remain the same. Maintain a positive mindset and grasp to use our most precious resource wisely and set the great example once again as you have during this historical emergency drought mandate. Continue to conserve, conserve, and conserve!

Thank you all and should you have any questions regarding the drought please do not hesitate to contact us.

On behalf of the Board of Directors!

Thank You!

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